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Sometimes you just have to stop political trading and act for the common good!

Open letter to Sir Graham Watson,  President of the European Liberal Democrat party,

Copy to DPS,

Copy to Bulgarian and European media


Sir Graham,

During the last two months Bulgaria is witnessing the worst exhibit of democracy. It is grotesque, to say the least.

The centerpiece of the political play is again DPS – the ‘liberal’ party of Bulgaria. The ALDE member of Bulgaria.

At stake is the judicial reform.

Bulgaria has always been governed by personal deal making. And as we all know – the transition to the rule of law is essential for the success of any democratic society.

Transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of modern governance. And are basic liberal values. At DEOS we put them as our highest guides of conduct. Transparency and accountability are the aim of the proposed constitutional changes in the legal system. A system,  having its roots in the communist times.

There are these rare enabling moments in history when acting for the common good is placed above all.

Bulgaria is here today.

We decide to act today and make the step towards change,  or remain for ages in the dark ages of dealmaking.

DPS can not be an agent of change.  Especially of the legal system in Bulgaria. By definition.

Sir Graham,

we call you, as the voice of the liberals, to act and insist on your member party in Bulgaria to really stand behind our liberal values.  To stop trading to cancel the move for proposal to have a referendum during the local elections this autumn against support for constitutional changes, diminished to the level of uselessness.  Why the liberal DPS is afraid of a referendum that might call for mandatory voting? Or for Internet voting? This might decrease their voting base? Let people decide.  Let ideas and programs win over fear and dependency.  The changes of the constitution increase transparency and accountability of the governing bodies of the legal system in Bulgaria.  Why a liberal party like DPS would be against it?

Because DPS is not a liberal party.  But why DPS is still in ALDE and why you are doing anything possible to continue supporting them in Bulgaria.  We all know why. Real politics? But not at all costs.

At DEOS we stand behind having the freedom and interests of the people above anything. We stand behind the fact that achieving highest goals needs cooperation by everyone.  At DEOS we would cooperate with a true liberal DPS, as a party that will stand behind a true reform in the legal system.  And we call you,  Sir Graham,  to stand with us in asking to value our liberal values.

Let’s act as liberals. For once. For Bulgaria. And for Europe.