15 April 2016 | Activities

DEOS supports the candidature of Vesna Pusič for UN Secretary-General!

For DEOS – Bulgaria’s liberals there is no doubt that Croatia’s candidate Ms Vesna Pusič is the best choice for Secretary-General of the United Nations. While there is a Bulgarian national among the front-runners for this very important office, we put fundamental human values above mere nationality.

An outspoken liberal democrat, Ms Pusič has dedicated her life and long political career to the core principles of the UN, to which the International Community need rush back as soon as possible.

In times, when the humanity is suffering immense rights violations and, Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most notorious human rights’ abuser, is accepted to occupy key positions at the UN Human Rights Council, Ms Pusič is the embodiment of so much needed honesty which  to restore the United Nations’ credibility to promotе world peace and dignity of mankind.

Ms Vesna Pusič is a proven diplomat with huge experience gained during Croatia’s bid for EU accession and as foreign minister of the country. Her performance during the hearing at the UN this Wednesday convinced us that Ms Pusič represents the rare balance between visionary leadership and pragmatism which will allow her to achieve the best a UN Secretary General is able to.

Moreover, we support Ms Pusič’s proposal to hold public debates between the candidates for one of the world’s most important political positions as we believe that the International Community ought to re-establish its relationship with the people whose lives and wellbeing are the UN major commitment.


*image – authored by Vlada Republike Hrvatske and availabel on Wikimedia Commons under a CC BY 2.0 license